My (Hopeless?) Dreams For the Future

I crawled back to Taco Nacho and found Chad had been fired for forcing a high school cashier into the walk-in freezer and taking liberties. I was once again assistant manager and LJ and I were doing okay. He was tested in kindergarten and diagnosed with some speech issues due to spending his entire early childhood with the deaf girl.

LJ was assigned to therapy with Miss Petunia Pillsbury, who had been a student therapist when I was in elementary school and I couldn’t pronounce the letter "e." Though almost 20 years older than me, Miss Pillsbury was still the kindest, prettiest lady I had ever met. She patiently worked to bring LJ's speech up to snuff so he wouldn't get pounded in school every day. Once his permanent teeth started coming in, he sounded just like all the other kids. I brought Miss Pillsbury a Taco Nacho Nacho Taco whenever I came to pick LJ up from his session. Miss P. was a nut for Chad's cheesy double-layered creation.

I worked up my nerve and asked Miss P. for a date when LJ was in third grade and we have been dating ever since. I disregard the occasional hateful call from Jane Ann. She is just jealous of our happiness, since Sven ran off with an exotic dancer and she's alone.

We have picnics with Randy and Cheree's family. Mother is up for parole next month. Things are sure looking up. I might even make manager someday with Petunia's help.


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